Protect Your Small Business From Liability

Protect Your Small Business From Liability

Consult attorney Dana M. Douglas about your litigation suit

Owning a small business comes with a lot of responsibility. If an employee, customer or another company decides to sue, you need to consult a small business attorney. Dana M. Douglas has been advising small businesses for more than 20 years. You can rely on attorney Dana M. Douglas for trusted advice, representation and counsel.

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Are you prepared for a small business lawsuit?

There are a few types of lawsuits that can affect your small business. Attorney Douglas can advise your business on best practices to avoid lawsuits. And she can represent your business if a lawsuit gets filed, or if your business needs to assert its interests:

  • Employee lawsuits-this includes accusations from employees related to salary, discrimination and wrongful termination
  • Customer lawsuits-this includes accusations from customers related to personal injury, refusal of service and discrimination
  • Business lawsuits-this includes accusations from other businesses such as breach of contract or patent infringement

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